Information for Patients

PrimeHealth Physicians is a newly formed entity of local primary care physicians who already care for nearly 100,000 patients in South Florida.

All PrimeHealth Physicians practices currently engage all of their members to transform the delivery of care from an “episodic” encounter with each patient to a “coordinated” enduring encounter going beyond the office visit. In other words, we are committed to the highest quality standards while staying focused on the costs associated with our services within and outside of our offices.

We have centralized the paper work, the billing, purchasing, and tracking of patient outcomes so that your doctor can focus on continuing to deliver high quality care. We don’t believe that in the coming years an individual practitioner will be able to meet all of the criteria of the Affordable Care Act by acting alone. We are being proactive to cut costs as mandated by the government and to ultimately reduce your premiums.

Again, we believe that doctors can no longer act alone. By forming an independent network of physicians, we answer only to our patients and have no quotas or limitations placed upon us.


Health care information is personal and sensitive and is treated accordingly. Any correspondence that contains health care information is maintained with total confidentiality.

Patient information covered under the Privacy Act, 5 USC 552(a), and/or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (PL 104-191) is protected.

Redisclosure without additional consent, except as permitted by law, is prohibited. Unauthorized redisclosure or failure to maintain confidentiality may subject you to applicable federal and state sanctions.

PrimeHealth Physicians maintains a strict privacy policy with patient contact and email information. Personal information is not shared or sold. Email addresses and phone numbers are never given to other websites, telemarketers, or “email spammers”.