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Oct 2018

Genuine Health Group And PrimeHealth Physicians Join Forces To Create One Of The Largest Value-Based Providers In South Florida

Jul 2017

Top 100 Private Companies

Jul 2013

Forty Primary Care Physicians Form Miami Medical Practice

Jul 2013

New Healthcare Model Emerges in Miami

Jun 2013

Primary Care Physicians Face a Choice:
One Doesn’t Have to Be a Lonely Number

Why Join PrimeHealth Physicians?

The healthcare environment is undergoing rapid transformation. Because it is such a behemoth, it is difficult to tell where things are headed. It is clear, however, that no one can be heard as a single voice. Our specialist colleagues realized this more than a decade ago. Now, it is our time.

If you are a new physician, the only way to maintain your independence and to find your true voice is to align with a larger entity. You will then have a seat at the table and a voice in the sea of change. It is the only way to comply with all of the upcoming regulations without having to sacrifice your precious time to bureaucracy and paperwork. Contact us now.

If you are an established physician, you may think you can ride it out. That is difficult to say. Most of our founders have established practices. Yet they decided to join forces to promote a common mission of independence and pre-eminent quality patient care because they feel this can only be achieved through the power of a unified voice. Contact us now.

If your desire is to work for the government or for a hospital, this group is not for you. But if your desire is to follow in the tradition of your predecessors for the past several hundred years, then this group may be your answer, and you should contact us.